Assignment: Final Project HTML

Once we have visual blueprints to work off of, we can start writing HTML markup. Make sure you've got all of the files you need in the proper folders. Write up the HTML and get started on the CSS. Your code should have:

  • Basic HTML structure with super duper excellent cleanly tabbed code. =)
  • Proper HTML DOCTYPE declaration, meta charset, title, etc..
  • Meta viewport tag if you're using media queries.
  • All of the divs, sections, etc. that you need for the layout. HTML5 semantic tags preferred, where applicable.
  • Your content should be mostly ready at this point, but you may need to use some placeholders, where slideshows or other javascript-related content will be.
  • I encourage you to put comments in your code wherever you think it might be helpful!
  • Way back in the beginning of the class, I added a link to the W3C Validator. When everything is finished, your HTML should validate. However, some of the errors that the validator gives are not that important. If you have any questions, take a screenshot(s) of the errors you're getting and I'll help you determine what needs attention.

All of the images that you use on the site must be saved properly for the web. Reduce images to an appropriate size, and compress jpegs as much as possible without losing quality. The only types of image files you should be using are jpg, png, and possibly svg. If you have videos, do not host them with your files - embed them from another site like youtube or vimeo.