Assignment: Finish Final Project

Here are the things I'll be looking for in your final project web sites:


  • Be sure to remove any excess code. This means if you've used any of my templates that you remove any CSS rules, comments, etc. that do not apply to your project.
  • Comments in HTML, CSS, and Javascript are encouraged where relevant!
  • I'll be looking for clean, well organized code. Nested tags should be tabbed properly and code should be spaced to make it as readable as possible.
  • Double check to make sure that all of your links work! That includes anchor tags, linked images, css/javascript files...
  • Run your code through the W3C Validator. This will help you with errors and I'll be validating your pages too.

Design and Content:

  • Site navigation should be straightforward.
  • Images should be properly compressed and sized for web. In most cases they'll be smaller than 1MB each.
  • Any CSS3 or jQuery effects should work properly as intended.
  • All of the content included on your site should be complete. For example, if you're creating a portfolio site, you should not include projects or content that is unfinished.

File Organization:

  • Offline files are in a separate folder from web ready files.
  • No spaces or illegal characters in any file names. Nobody likes %20 links!

You'll be presenting your site during the final exam block on your TCNJ server space. You can link to it from your splash page like another project, or take down your splash page, and make the main index of your web space the final project.

As usual, you will also be turning in your project as an archive of files on my hard drive. Make sure that all of your finished site content is separate from your wireframes, psd's and any other offline "working files".

  offline-files/ (psd, ai, screenshots, hi-res images, etc.)

I will do my best to continue to be accessible for help by email. Good luck finishing up!