Web I - TCNJ

Spring 2018
AAV255-01 | Fri 9:30-12:20, 2:00-4:50 | AIMM 223

Welcome to Web I. This site will be updated frequently with course content and resources.

2/16 Class Followup

  • The answer key for Advanced CSS Selectors will be on the team google drive in the next few days. (Sorry for the delay, I want to adjust a couple of small things before uploading.)
  • Re-read/review the pages on Display Modes, Clipping and Overflow, and Floating Elements.
  • Due Friday 2/23 Assignment: 05 Splash Page. Upload and link to the first three assignments - Constitution Text, HTML Practice, ROYGBIV. (You can skip adv selectors).
  • Due Friday 3/9 Assignment: 06 Narrative No Text. This is a larger project than the normal weekly exercises. We'll have some open work time on this next week so I can meet with everyone about your ideas.

We've covered a lot of ground in the last couple of weeks, and I don't expect you to memorize all of these CSS properties and techniques cold. The goal is to be familiar with the tools available for designing in CSS. Selectors for targeting different elements, backgrounds, floating, etc. You can always look up the specifics of how to do things as needed!

This is an introductory course in front-end web development, primarily using HTML and CSS. We will explore the principles and techniques of designing for the web, as well as discuss the internet as a medium for art and design. The class is setup as a series of lessons and demonstrations, with small assignments to reinforce new concepts. Later in the semester, a larger project will apply all of what we've learned.

The complete course syllabus is available through Canvas.

Drop questions any time via email!