Assignment: Style a Work

Style your "Recreate a Work" assignment. If you find that the content isn't suitable, you're welcome to create a new site. You should make a copy of the assignment folder before changing it.

  • Use an external stylesheet with a <link> tag and a css file. Do not use inline or in-document styling for this assignment.
  • Define some basic CSS styles for the <body>, <p>, <h1>, <ul>, <li>, etc.
  • Create a "wrapper" div that contains everything in the <body>.
  • Create at least 2 classes and assign them styles.
  • We'll show our assignments on the day that they're due.

I am primarily looking to see that you 1) structured the CSS document correctly and got it working, and 2) did outside research on style properties to execute your design. It's ok if what you have to show the class isn't 100% of what you were aiming for. The point of showing your work is to share what you have and what you might have struggled with, so we can help each other with what we've learned.