Assignment Recreate a Work in HTML

Take a work - a short story, a poem, a piece of art, an article, a song, anything that you like - and recreate it as a small web site in HTML. Be as creative as possible within the limitations of what we've learned so far. It doesn't have to be a perfect, just an interesting adaptation. Use the HTML tags we covered today along with images, text and links.

You must include:

  • At least 4 pages, and links connecting them
  • At least 2 images
  • Link to at least one page outside of your site (don't forget to credit your source, ahem)
  • Required Tags: <!DOCTYPE>, <html>, <head>, <meta>, <title>, <body>, <p>, <em>, <strong>, <ul> and <li>, <img>, and <a>
  • Optional Tags: <hr>, <br>, <ol>, <!-- comment -->, and <div>

The point of this assignment is primarily to practice structuring a document and using the tags, with room for some creativity. Get used to the way that whitespace in the code does not directly reflect spacing in the browser. Tab elements that are nested inside one another, and space lines in a way that makes the code as readable as possible.